Automatic Glossary Generation Scripts for ExecSQLΒΆ

These scripts provide an easy way to create a custom glossary to accompany a data summary. The glossary that is created consists of a series of terms, such as column names, and the definitions for those terms.

Terms and definitions that are included in the custom glossary are either extracted from a master glossary table or specified directly. Scripts in the glossary script file provide the following ways to add terms and definitions to the custom glossary:

  • Definitions for all columns of a table or view can be added by specifying the name of the table or view.
  • A specific term and definition can be added.
  • Definitions for a list of terms present in the master glossary can be added.

The custom glossary always contains a single definition for each term, even if addition of a term is requested in several different ways (e.g., by repeated calls to add columns of different tables, where those tables have column in common).

The scripts create a (temporary) view named glossary that yields all entries in the custom glossary, sorted alphabetically by term.

Glossary scripts are available for the following DBMSs:

  • PostgreSQL
  • MariaDB and MySQL
  • SQL Server